Found them by chance while scrolling on Instagram and looking back on our reno journey, we couldn’t
be more thankful for their ads placement team hahaha… We had a few legit contractor contacts and
heard horror stories of renos gone wrong, BUT still went ahead to make an appointment with
Alchemist Design “just for fun”.. BEST. DECISION. EVER.

For that was the day our lives were blessed with the ever available amazingly sweet and wonderfully
efficiently Jasmine!!!! *clap clap clap* ❤ Throughout our reno process, we peppered her with queries
and worries, and sadly even bothered her on weekends… (hurhur) But being the awesome possum
that she is, she never failed to reply us promptly and followed up quickly with the other vendors.

Her efficiency and availability really put our hearts and minds at ease especially when we were
planning for our wedding at the same time! Also, we are the kind of people who want beautiful things
but don’t really know how to make it happen. But it was Jasmine to the rescue as she helped us
narrow down the million choices we had to make to pick out the few colours, tiles, floors, laminates,
looks and feels etc. that really worked beautifully for us. The trickiest part of our renovation was our
kitchen, with various beams and recessed walls that simply weren’t user friendly and a design
nightmare (for us) but Jasmine had the best idea for it, not compromising on the usability and at the
same time enhancing the aesthetics. plus points for us really. (we love our kitchen Jasmine!) And
being the aunties that we are, we looked at every costing, line by line, and were super pleased that

The Alchemist Design was cheaper/at least on par with the other quotations that we got. Quality of
work and service rendered by Jasmine also far exceeded our expectations, even when she had other
projects to juggle during the peak period. A thousand times over, we will still choose The Alchemist
Design and of course the amazing Jasmine and look forward to future projects if we ever move from
our beautiful home! Super thankful and blessed! P.S. we love you Jasmine! Don’t work too hard ah!