Chanced upon The Alchemist Design while searching for an Interior Designer for our new BTO flat as the design style and theme suited our needs and my husband and i decided to approach the designer through Facebook to enquire on the quotation and advise on the style we wanted.
We were really lucky Jasmine was the assigned Designer and straight after the first meetup with her, my husband and I wasted no time deciding to go ahead to engage Jasmine as our appointed designer for our wonderful home.
Her design style and past work easily aligned with what my husband and I envisioned our future home will be like. She gave us many useful advise on what can and cannot be done, what is practical and what is not without compromising the theme we are aiming for. And on top of that, her work attitude and professionalism she had displayed was what made our decision alot easier.
The lack of manpower on the contractor’s side throughout the renovation journey due to Covid-19 did not stop her from giving us the gorgeous finished product. She continued to do her best giving us timely updates to finish and delivered the job within the timeline. She even took the initiative to head down to our unit to do cleanup herself and went the extra miles to make ends meet.
Having someone like her to work with brings a lot of joy and in this renovation process, we not only gained a wonderful place we called Home but also gained a wonderful friendship with her.
Many people had nightmare experiences with ID but ours was definitely a sweet dream because of Jasmine’s professionalism and initiatives. Would highly recommend to any new homeowners searching for the one person to build their dream home.