Jasmine Toh was one of the first IDs we met, and after speaking with about 9 more IDs, we circled back to her because of how approachable and transparent she was. She provided good alternatives after hearing about our budget constraints, putting our interests first over a higher sales figure. What pushed us over the line was also that Alchemist Design had one of, if not the most competitive prices in the market.
During the renovation process, there were two things which was especially evident about Jasmine – she was very responsive and prompt. We could text her any time and she would get back to us within the hour most of the time. This really instilled trust and gave us the confidence that we could quickly clarify any questions we have and move forward during crucial decision points.
When the renovation was complete, we could see that the workmanship was really top-tier despite the competitive prices. There was no cutting corners in the quality of service provided, which we are really thankful for. All in all we will highly recommend Jasmine Toh and Alchemist Design to all our friends