Let's Hear What Our Clients Say.

Amazing job done!

My husband & I worked with Haryati on our home renovation and she has done an amazing job by putting our vision into reality. We appreciate that Haryati was vocal about the renovation ideas and advice.

She constantly updates us on our house progress. and quick to update if they are any hiccups on the renovation. Once again, thank you Haryati for your amazing work!

Humaira Irsalina

Completion: 2021 | Designer: Haryati

Happy with outcome!

We’re glad to have engaged with alchemist design for our home renovation! Had a really positive experience with my ID jasmine chua. She was responsive to our questions/enquiries and provided valuable tips and ideas promptly& attentive and efficient. Happy with the outcome of the house

Chanel Ng

Completion: 2021 | Designer: Jasmine

Friendly, nice and a fuss-free process

Was looking for a reno for our first house and engaged Carine as our ID, the whole progress was fuss free as we were updated frequently on the progress. ID and contractor were all friendly & nice! Will definitely recommend Alchemists Design!

Jay Sim

Completion: 2021 | Designer: Carine

Efficient and responsible

A million thanks to my ID Yilin for renovating my new home. She is very responsible and efficient from the start till completion of the whole renovation. Thank you for the amazing job done and excellent service!

Josephine Lee

Completion: 2021 | Designer: Yilin

Cheerful, attentive and patient

I'm very satisfied with my ID Carine in doing renovation of my home. She is very cheerful, attentive and patient with us throughout the whole process. Highly recommended. Thanks Carine!!

Rahman Hadi

Completion: 2021 | Designer: Carine

Affordable and renovation
completed on time

Greatful to have Yati as our ID! Felt very comfortable upon the first meet up. Alchemist propose to us an affordable reno package that matches our ideas on designing our first home. Time lead on the reno was as planned. Really satisfied with our new abode! Thank u once again!

Hilwa Mohd Sidek

Completion: 2021 | Designer: Haryati