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Responsive and easy to liaise

At first, my husband and I were quite hesitant about engaging an ID as oppose to direct contractors. However, after comparing a few quotes, we realized that The Alchemist Design's quote was quite comparable to the rest. We were enticed by their resale package which covered almost everything we needed, plus freebies. Even after adding some other parts, we did not blow our budget. Our designer, Fai, understood our financial constraints and what we wanted in our house. We were quite mindful of where we splurged and where we saved, and Fai was able to advice us accordingly. We have just moved into our (hopefully) forever home and we are quite happy with the outcome. Fai kept us frequently updated and it was easy to liaise with him. Even after the handover, he was responsive and helped us with rectification works. Looking forward to adding in the loose furniture and making it more into our home.
Sofia Ferosya

Completion: 2022 | Designer: Fairoz

Our experience is definitely
a sweet dream

Chanced upon The Alchemist Design while searching for an Interior Designer for our new BTO flat as the design style and theme suited our needs and my husband and i decided to approach the designer through Facebook to enquire on the quotation and advise on the style we wanted.
We were really lucky Jasmine was the assigned Designer and straight after the first meetup with her, my husband and I wasted no time deciding to go ahead to engage Jasmine as our appointed designer for our wonderful home.
Her design style and past work easily aligned with what my husband and I envisioned our future home will be like. She gave us many useful advise on what can and cannot be done, what is practical and what is not without compromising the theme we are aiming for. And on top of that, her work attitude and professionalism she had displayed was what made our decision alot easier.
The lack of manpower on the contractor's side throughout the renovation journey due to Covid-19 did not stop her from giving us the gorgeous finished product. She continued to do her best giving us timely updates to finish and delivered the job within the timeline. She even took the initiative to head down to our unit to do cleanup herself and went the extra miles to make ends meet.
Having someone like her to work with brings a lot of joy and in this renovation process, we not only gained a wonderful place we called Home but also gained a wonderful friendship with her.
Many people had nightmare experiences with ID but ours was definitely a sweet dream because of Jasmine's professionalism and initiatives. Would highly recommend to any new homeowners searching for the one person to build their dream home.
Ignasia Hwan

Completion: 2022 | Designer: Jasmine

Dedication, service oriented
and met our budget

We had engaged The Alchemist Design when we chanced upon their Facebook/IG. We were assigned to Carine to discuss further on the renovation process and designs.
Carine assisted us throughout the renovation process despite some changes. She is always there to answer our queries and also gave her suggestions/inputs on certain problems or design ideas.
We would like to compliment Carine for her dedication and being service oriented. We would recommend to anyone who is looking out for an ID to renovate. The quotations given was transparent and met our budget.

Completion: 2022 | Designer: Carine

Look forward to return back
to our lovely home everyday!

I would like to shout out a big THANK YOU to our ID Haizah & Jaren in helping us through the whole renovation process and also being super patient & accommodating with all our requests & last minute changes during the entire period. Both Ladies were so helpful, attentive and professional throughout, which enabled us to have a good final home design. The final completion of our home is an ideal one which me and my wife look forward to return back to our lovely home everyday! Last but not least It was a memorable experience working with both Haizah & Jaren. We really appreciate your dedication and hard work. Great designers to work with!
Ronald Chong

Completion: 2022 | Designer: Jaren & Haizah

and highly recommended

We get to know Jaren through a good recommendation. As a 1st time home owner we are anxious and excited on everything especially choosing the right interior designer. Jaren assured us that everything will go well, she work within our budget and always share her thought to improve our design.
During the entire process she will always keep us well updated so that we can have a peace of mind. Keeping the work within the timeline and most importanly always prompt in replying and always reachable. Highly recommended and trustworthy.
It was an amazing experience with Jaren throughout the entire planning and renovation journey.
Being this is the first house we have, we were lost and needed much advice on the whole planning and guidance. Jaren taught us on practicality and is transparent with her advice too. This is what we really love and enjoyed working with her.
Oh, and I also need to really praise on the after service! Jaren is very prompt when we told her about some minor defects. She will ensure it is replaced and done properly too. I think this is very important and assuring fit house owners. We felt at ease! The whole workmanship for the furnitures are done well!
We have already recommended to a few friends and hope they will also enjoy their experience with The Alchemists Design as much as we do!
Once again, thank you Jaren for the great experience and the awesome dream house that my husband and I love! Dream house do come true!
Evelyn Koh

Completion: 2022 | Designer: Jaren

Effective communication
and value for money

We are very happy and grateful to engage our Interiors Designer Karen and Sophia from The Alchemists Design. Excellent workmanship, effective communication, good teamwork and value for money. It is a challenge when it come to making a right decision on choosing flooring materials, colours and quality but Karen n Sophia are very helpful and with their professional advice, everything turns so perfect and with a nice combination of colours. I love the Kitchen combination and the modern design for the table top n backsplash.
We are very satisfied with the result of our beautiful renovated home and We will definitely recommend The Alchemists Design to our friends.
Thank you again to Karen n Sophia!
Ho Mei Xi

Completion: 2022 | Designer: Sophia & Karen